2020 Season Registration Is Open!

Our in person registration will be at Catholic Multicultural Center 1862 Beld St. on Thursday March 5, 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM and Saturday, March 7, 10:00 AM to noon.

If you gardened last year, we will mail you necessary forms or you can print them from the links on the Registration page.


Quann Community Garden provides neighborhood folks with affordable garden plots where they can grow their own food. If you've never gardened in a community garden before, you can look forward to more than fresh fruits and veggies. Cultural exchanges sprout and new friendships grow among diverse groups of people.

The garden is located at the southwest corner of Quann Park in Madison, Wisconsin, near the Bram Street viaduct.

Highlights of the garden:

  • Water stations are located throughout the garden for easy access by all.
  • Plots are approximately 20 by 22 feet.
  • All plots are no-till. This means people can get an early start in the season and grow perennials like asparagus, rhubarb, or raspberries. You may still till your own plot (though read this) if you wish.
  • The cost is very reasonable and is based on a sliding fee scale, $12- $75 per plot, based on your income.
  • In addition to plot fees, gardeners are expected to volunteer four (4) hours per plot during the gardening season. 
  • The garden is entirely organic.
  While there are lots of positives about community gardening, the one downside is that we've had problems with theft.    We are actively working on solutions from many different angles, and welcome your input about this problem.

  What are those positives? Community gardening has several benefits which lead to a higher quality of life not only for  the gardeners, but for the neighborhoods as well. Benefits include:

            • Gardeners become more self-sufficient and empowered by growing their own food;
            • Community gardening builds bonds of trust among diverse peoples who come together to raise food. Community gardening results in personal relationships, community development, beautification, environmental justice, crime prevention, and development of leadership and self-reliance for gardeners and for our neighborhoods as a whole;
            • Community gardens beautify neighborhoods and help slow traffic by creating visual stimulation that's unique and attracts attention.


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Here are links to view the garden via Bing and Google Maps.  

Directions: Take Park Street to Beld to Bram; Quann Community Garden is just past the viaduct.

We hope you find this website useful. Thanks for visiting! 

Garden established June 2002