Recruitment and Registration Committee

  • Organize yearly recruitment and registration of gardeners 
  • Assign plots 
  • Handle questions before opening day about plot assignments (the Monitoring Committee handles the wait list for plots after opening day)

Chair: Anne Perrote          
608 251 3115

Oscar Rodriguez
1820 Baird Street

Grounds Committee

  • General grounds maintenance, such as waste management and pathway upkeep
  • Organize and direct monthly workdays

  • Coordinate side projects to maintain and improve garden aesthetics, security, and soil health

  • Collect and maintain community tools

  • Arrange for straw, compost bin delivery

  • Coordinate efforts to maintain the living fence and watering system

Melanie Stock        


Monitoring Committee

  • Want to help with monitoring the garden? Speak with this committee to participate. They do the twice annual plot review.
  • After opening day, speak with this committee to get on the wait list for an open plot
  • If you plan to give up a plot, have circumstances preventing you from gardening, or have problems with weeds from neighboring plots, speak with this committee 

Chair: Oscar Rodriguez

Communications Committee

  • Manage the Quann Garden Newsletter
  • Relay gardeners' concerns to the appropriate committees
  • Post signs at the garden
  • Manage the website

Patricia Miller  (garden signs)<at>

Spanish Translation Committee

Work with all other committees, especially communications, to communicate with those who speak Spanish.

Chair: Manuela Francavilla                    
608 251 0619




Hmong Translation Committee

Work with all other committees, especially communications, to communicate with those who speak Hmong.

Chair: We need a Hmong Translator! Would you like to help? Contact anyone on the Executive Committee.

Education/Social Committee

Organize educational workshops and provide information for gardeners on topics of general interest, especially organic gardening methods. Help connect new gardeners with experienced gardeners. Set up the social gathering spot. Organize at least one annual fun gathering.

Chair: This position is vacant. If you are interested, please contact anyone on the Executive Committee. For a description of this position, go here.

Youth Garden Committee

Chair: We need a Youth Garden Committee coordinator! Would you like to help? Contact anyone on the Executive Committee.

Anti-Pilfering Committee
Come up with creative ways to discourage theft and vandalism in the garden.This could take many, such as
  • A garden watch program
  • A free produce table outside the garden
  • Educating people about produce that's likely to be taken
  • Having someone keep an eye on plots when people are out of town
  • Encouraging gardeners to know many other gardeners
  • Educating people about what to do if someone is stealing
  • Signage 
  • Work with police and other neighborhood leaders for other ideas
Chair: This position is open! Contact anyone one of the other committee chairs to volunteer.

Pruning Committee

If you would like to help with pruning the plants around our garden fence, please contact John to find out what needs to be done! 

Chair: John Zydowicz
608 575 6311

Jessica Bullen Orchard and Quiet Garden Committee

Develop an orchard to honor our former treasurer, the late Jess Bullen.

  • Handle revenue and expenses
  • Attend registration
  • Make sure there are at least two names on the checking account
  • Fundraising
  • Advise the board on the garden's ability to make purchases 
Chair: Megan Allen

   Quann Community Garden in the fall