Plot Assignment

Assignment Criteria:

  • No additional plots for gardeners in bad standing

  • A household is one address, and each gardener needs to be actively involved in caring for their plot and completing work hours

  • Over 2 plots are used on a year-to-year basis only ("rented")

  • Registration Committee can give out 1/2 plots at a time

Plot Priority List:

  1. Returning gardeners in good standing (one plot)

  2. Returning gardeners in good standing wanting more space (up to 2 plots)

  3. Quann gardeners in poor standing (on probation, and can't get more space)

  4. New gardeners from the neighborhood who come to registration (from Southdale, Bay Creek, BANA, Capital View - within 1 mile of the garden) (those on the waiting list from the year before get priority)

  5. New gardeners who want 2 plots

  6. Returning gardeners who didn't call or come to registration

  7. Gardeners who want 3 plots.

  8. New gardeners citywide (more than a mile away).

  9. Gardeners who want 4 plots.

  10. New gardeners who did not come to registration (they get on the waiting list, and are awarded plots that open up first according to the date they got on it, and ahead of people wanting more space).